The Pride Of Sarawak

A Sip Of Joy
est. 1997

The Pride of Sarawak That Glues People Together

Leaves® 3-Layer Milk Tea concoction has been popular long ago with its unique recipe. Imagine waking up to a ready-to-drink 3-layer milk tea from Leaves®! Every can of Leaves® 3-Layer Milk Tea contains a triple surprise – the first layer is the black tea that gets you going with just the right amount of caffeine; the second layer is the creamy evaporated milk from a pristine New Zealand farm; the third layer is Leaves® specially-formulated syrup to mask some inherent bitterness from black tea. The beautiful layers combine to create a sweet masterpiece that packs in enough flavor for an instant pick-me-up on hot days or rainy nights. With a lingering aroma, its smooth texture offers the perfect sip of joy for the most delicate moments.

Leaves® 3-Layer Milk Tea does not contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and artificial colourings. Instead, we use Gula Melaka and caramel that provide natural sugars while satisfying your taste buds. It is the authentic drink that fits your modern lifestyle without compromising your health.

What do the three colours of the tea represent? It implies the different races that live together harmoniously and create synergy, just like how each flavour adds to the others to create a new world of sensations. Leaves® envisioned a drink that brings different races together, a drink that would become the identity of Sarawak. Leaves® hopes that the 3-Layer Milk Tea would bring love and harmony to society and become the talk of the town. All of us may carry different identities, but we share a common dream to better our lives by improving the place we live.

Life’s full of challenges. But as long as we spread love, embrace diversity, and work hand in hand, everything becomes much more meaningful. Let Leaves® remind us to celebrate togetherness.

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